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Top 3 Tips for Cruisin’ with the Kids

Holiday’s are fun for the whole family, but when you have a family, they also take a bit more time to prep and plan. After bagging great cruise deals, here are a few great tips to think about for any family who is planning on taking a cruise with the kids. Prep ’em Get the […]

avoid traveler diarrhea

Tips on How to Avoid Traveler Diarrhea

Traveler’s diarrhea can be identified as any illness ranging from the upset of stomach to loose stools either during the journey or after the period. It includes diversity of symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, bloody stools, headache that can happen due to the adverse changes in foods as well […]


Historical Havana

When you think of Cuba, you think of a country trapped in a bygone era. With classic cars, shabby facades and an absolutely enthralling culture, Cuba has a fascinating history that seems to define it, but it in no way limits it from being an incredible place to visit. Havana, as the capital city, is […]


Fantastic City Holidays in the UK

Many holiday makers within the UK make the presumption that an enjoyable break away means immersing yourself in a rural setting; the thousands who flock to Cornwall or Devon each year are testament to this. But what if your idea of a great week away doesn’t involve eating pasties or going for long walks in […]

avoid seasickness on a cruise

How to Avoid Seasickness on a Cruise

Just thinking about a trip on a cruise can make some people feel sick. Probably for the seasickness many travelers who are be keen on to travel, do not cruise. Seasickness which is also described as Mal de mer is the effect of your body’s inner ear stability system to the unusual motion of ship. […]


River Cities: Discover Europe by Water

European rivers are the lifeline of Europe. In the past, the rivers were the only alternative for traveling without using your feet or wheels, but now rivers offer a great way to explore beautiful cities while on a cruiser or a boat. You can find amazing European river cruises including airfare and start exploring the […]

foreign currency

5 Useful Tips to Buy Foreign Currency

Almost all the countries across the globe have their own currencies and to shop or spend any money in a foreign country, you need to have its currency. To buy this currency, you need to sell your own and pay an additional price called exchange rate. The foreign exchange market affects the rate of exchange […]

melbourne cricket ground in melbourne

Top 6 Destinations for Sports Fans

If you are an avid sports fan and have traveling plans on the card, get geared up and plan your dream vacation to a sports destination itself. There are endless possibilities and it is likely that your end destination will depend on your sport of choice. So have a look through the following destinations each […]

beach rental for vacation

Best 5 Tips to Select a Beach Rental for Vacation

When you plan your beach vacation, one of the most important aspects of doing it is also to choose a good hotel. However if we suggest you to choose a nice rental property instead of a hotel then you might be a little doubtful about the plan; but if you research a bit more then […]

mistakes made on family vacation

Common Mistakes made on Family Vacation

A family vacation is a perfect get away from the hectic schedule and it also gives an opportunity to the family members to spend some time together. However if you are thinking of going on a family vacation then a lot of planning is required to make it hassle free and a perfect one. No […]