Are you thinking of where to spend your next vacation? Then consider Maldives, which is away from city life and close to the nature. Maldives is  suitable for family holidays, honeymoon holidays, beach holidays, cruise holidays and underwater adventures.

The Republic of Maldives is home to some of the world’s truly unspoiled tropical paradise.It is a paradise for divers and water sports enthusiasts.It is famous for its pristine turquoise waters, powder white sands, and its rich marine resources.The scenic underwater views and tranquil waters never fail to amaze this island’s visitors.

If you are looking for a unique break, breath taking nature and paradise on earth, then Maldives is the perfect place.

Here are 23 beautiful pictures of Maldives to inspire you.


( photo by ???•?? ???????? ?cc??p??)

( photo by Iujaz )

( photo by S U J A )

image 5

( photo by S U J A )

( photo by biluu_72 )

( photo by lbsmsp )

( photo by Albertolin )

image 9

( photo by notsogoodphotography )

( photo by biluu_72 )

( photo by nattu )

( photo by matey_88 )

( photo by Heaven’s Gate )

image 14

( photo by Edgar Barany )

( photo by Hamitey )

( photo by S U J A )

image 17

( photo by ©miguel valle de figueiredo )

image 18

( photo by picstropical )

image 19

( photo by picstropical )

( photo by ahmed )

( photo by Dhonfuthu )

( photo by shabie )


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