23 Exotic Pictures Of Maldives

Are you thinking of where to spend your next vacation? Then consider Maldives, which is away from city life and close to the nature. Maldives is  suitable for family holidays, honeymoon holidays, beach holidays, cruise holidays and underwater adventures.

The Republic of Maldives is home to some of the world’s truly unspoiled tropical paradise.It is a paradise for divers and water sports enthusiasts.It is famous for its pristine turquoise waters, powder white sands, and its rich marine resources.The scenic underwater views and tranquil waters never fail to amaze this island’s visitors.

If you are looking for a unique break, breath taking nature and paradise on earth, then Maldives is the perfect place.

Here are 23 beautiful pictures of Maldives to inspire you.


( photo by ???•?? ???????? ?cc??p??)

( photo by Iujaz )

( photo by S U J A )

image 5

( photo by S U J A )

( photo by biluu_72 )

( photo by lbsmsp )

( photo by Albertolin )

image 9

( photo by notsogoodphotography )

( photo by biluu_72 )

( photo by nattu )

( photo by matey_88 )

( photo by Heaven’s Gate )

image 14

( photo by Edgar Barany )

( photo by Hamitey )

( photo by S U J A )

image 17

( photo by ©miguel valle de figueiredo )

image 18

( photo by picstropical )

image 19

( photo by picstropical )

( photo by ahmed )

( photo by Dhonfuthu )

( photo by shabie )


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  1. Sa Stay says:

    Makes you wanna go on holiday…These pics are absolutely stunning!

  2. APLT says:

    The first couple of pics looked like gelato beach from super mario sunshine. and on pic looked like that little island off of isle delfino. or maybe im just a mario freak. but great pics! 🙂 <3

  3. mike says:

    Looks stunning, little concerned about being a pirate/becoming a kidnap victim, especially when they find how little they would get for me!!

  4. Ta4ka says:

    Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing these

  5. alantae says:

    man… this is so cool… I WANNA GO THERE !!!

  6. I went here for my homeymoon and even though it rained half the time it was still one of the absolute best holidays I eveer had, in fact even the rain was exotic.

  7. TD says:

    That’s right, fly to the maldives,and contribute to their being submerged by the rising sea level. Better hurry, only 30 years left…

  8. Thomas Ng says:

    Great pictures, the water looks unbelievable.

  9. Dhivehseh says:

    Unfortunately that’s true TD, but its still a beautiful place to be at, been living here for 25 years and still not sick of the scenery, so much to see specially underwater. Your all welcome to come 😉 just take your whatever garbage you bring with you back home and help keep our islands clean. Enjoy the nice photos, its way better in reality I assure you. 😀

  10. tyms says:

    wow nice.. i never knew that maldives such a marvilous piece of island… worth to visit

  11. Sane Pete says:

    Haven’t these islands sunk yet?

  12. andza says:

    Beautiful spot! Enjoy the nice photos! 🙂

  13. Hangelbel says:

    Wow! Wish I could go there.

  14. oh my goodness…. it’s cold and rainy here in Wisconsin today… I SO need to vacation here… how beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Gina Alessia says:

    AMAZING, that`s all i can say.

  16. John Forde says:

    ah yes, why not show the other side of the Maldives…. huge rubbish dumps (a whole island) and people picking through the waste of ignorant rich whiteys… have a nice time living off someone else

  17. faith says:

    im sure everyone who sees these beautiful photos would like to live there. THANKS for giving us some real “eye candy”

  18. Great photos makes me want to go swimming. That water is awesome. I know that where there are people there is rubbish sounds like they may not be handling it the best way. Though how would anyone take care of piles of garbage in the middle of an ocean?
    Lord out.

  19. Great photos, Maldives is a paradise!

  20. wao whats a nice place to visit in maldives i thing its paradise of beach. i thing everybody need to travel maldives once before died. thanks for shering.


  21. Remind me if I ever get engaged to slip this picture to my fiancé. Gorgeous!

  22. Rajj says:

    wow the place looks so romantic… Where is this country situated in this world and how can i get here ?

  23. Fantastic, amazing, paradise, perfect, a dream!

  24. A truly beautiful looking island and hopefully things will go according to plan for me and this time next year I will be experiencing it for real.

  25. What an amazing looking place and it makes me want to somehow one of these get there for a long holiday, and you know something I will do it.

  26. Phi Phi says:

    Wow!So beautiful.

  27. these are great pictures of a beautiful place. so i know w/o checking i’d bump into a LOT of people I have no intention of travelling to the other end of the earth to be near. seee how popular rednecks, people from miami & long island are these days. was it a French philosopher who said– ‘Hell is—–other people.’

  28. Alejandro says:

    Hi!. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but i think i’m getting lost!. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back in a few days to see if there is updated posts.

  29. Jim Jones says:

    Hi I have a website designed to help people travel through Thailand as cheap as possible, I hope one day I could make enough money from my site to take a long holiday in the Maldives

  30. wow whats a nice picture. picture are really really nice. after seeing all 23 picture it make me start a journey in this area. thanks for collecting sharing with us. keep it up

    Best regard
    Everest expedition

  31. Nepal Travel says:

    who say these picture not good. all picture are so nice. keep it up

    nepal travel

  32. Georgia traveller says:

    We were planning on Tahiti, but Maldives are much more beautiful, and friendlier people, too. Tourist dollars are the lifeblood of the people there… far better than living totally off fish and coconuts! With what these resorts charge, why not invest in a plasma torch waste disposal system for the islands.. all trash is totally vaporized into harmless fine ash. Global warming is a BIG hoax designed to transfer wealth.

  33. Sun says:

    Maldive islands are so beautiful!!!

  34. daydreamer says:

    Beautiful .Its a must visit place 🙂
    keep up the good work

  35. waheeda says:

    really you people bringing heaven before the eyes

  36. zeeshaf says:

    Maldives is located in the Indian ocean about 700km south-west of Srilanka. Here is a useful link for the people who are interested to visit maldives..cheers.. http://www.visitmaldives.com/en/resorts

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