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What would you not give to leave behind that stressful life to enjoy splashing cool water in the beautiful beaches? You would certainly give anything you can to enjoy fantastic beach vacations leaving behind all that mental and physical stress.

Before going for beach vacations it’s best to know about its surrounding localities so that you can enjoy these vacations without any doubt.

Here are the top 10 beach vacations that you can look forward to with your entire family.

1. Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

Las Islas Cies beach

Especially famous for its beaches, one always thinks about Mediterranean when they hear about Spain. However, just towards the northern side of Portugal is the beautiful coast of Galicia.

On this beautiful coast you can find the breathtakingly enigmatic Las Islas Cies beach. You can reach this beach with the help of boat ride from the town of Balona.

You can visit this beach only in the summers. Believed to be haunted by pirates, this place is now serene and calm as it is inhabited by a very few people.

One can expect the amount of cleanliness when the crowd is so less. Moreover this beautiful beach is a must go for all seafood lovers.

2. Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Beach

If you believe that not all the remote places have basic amenities and hence you avoid beaches in such places, then the Clifton Beach is right place for you. This beach is present just a few miles away from a major cosmopolitan city.

What you cannot miss for certain is the exciting night life that the Clifton beach offers. Moreover, it’s fun to be with the locals who are totally accommodating and guest friendly. Even the most luxurious people can enjoy vacationing at the Clifton Beach (Cape town Flights).

3. Tayrona National Park, Columbia

Tayrona National Park

While thinking of beaches, you often expect to see a calm serene water body with waves lapping over the white sands. However, the beauty of Tayrona National Park is more towards the wilder side. Right after trekking through the deep green forest, you will find a sea of the wildest nature right at the bosom of such green fresh wilderness.

Being untamed, this beach attracts the people who believe in wild adventure. Imagine placing a bed sheet between two palm trees and enjoying the sounds of the huge waves splashing on the rocks.

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4. Larvotto Beach, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Larvotto Beach

If you are a person who believes that life is to be lived to its fullest and carry bunches of cash to spend around, then Larvotto Beach is the right place of vacation for you.

The people with big bucks like the princes, princesses, Dukes, Moguls, the great business tycoons, every one of them can be seen holidaying on this sparkling beach. You can see women around in the best of their jewelries on this beach of the rich.

5. Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Nungwi beach

The feeling of soft sand escaping your toes is one of the best you can ever get on the Nungwi beach in Tanzania. Famous for the spices, the beautiful island of Zanzibar is famous for its 30 beaches with their diamond-like sparkling waters.

The most famous of those 30 beaches is the Nungwi beach. The whites of the softest of the sands and the blues and sapphires of the clearest of waters give consummate calming effects on the most impatient souls also.

This calming effect is what people look out for during summer beach vacations. Surrounded by innumerable villages whose prime work is fishing, this beach looks like a scenic beauty right out from the historical romances that you had always loved.

6. South Beach, Miami, Florida

south beach

If you are a true party person, then the South beach in Miami is the place that you must not miss while making a list of your likely vacation spots. The South Beach in Miami and Florida St. Augustine vacation rentals attract local natives and tourists alike.

Not only splashing around in the water, you can also enjoy shopping lining the shores of this beautiful beach with your friends and family. Famous for its beautiful arts and cultural exhibits, the South Beach is a place where you can meet people from many nations.

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7. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach

If you want to groove in the most famous tunes of your favorite artists then the Paradise beach is the right place for you to party. This beach is fondly called as the “Party beach” by several channels that broadcasts shows on travel and living.

With its nude-tolerant atmosphere, you can look forward to get that tan on your body that enhances your features. The most fantastic thing about this beach is the line of café shops along the coastline that is full of friendly locals. All you need to do is sip the coffee and get ensnared in the ecstatic mixed aroma of strong coffee and salty waters and enjoy the splashing sounds of the waves.

8. Whitehaven, Whitsunday islands, Queensland, Australia


You must have surely sent those beautiful postcards with pictures of sandy beaches surrounded by islands. The Whitehaven beach of Whitsunday islands, Australia looks exactly like the ones that you had seen on those postcards that immediately attracted you.

While planning for a vacation at the Whitehaven beach you should make sure you have a whole day in your hand to completely enjoy the surrounding lush forests, the small tropical islands surrounding the beach, and the local shops selling seafood that literally increases your appetite.

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9. Maroma Beach, Yucatan, Mexico

Maroma Beach

The ideal date or honeymoon is the one where you can be in the arms of your loved one and enjoy the sounds of the waves on a sandy beach. Maroma Beach in Mexico is one of the best beach vacation spots for the newlyweds. [romantic getaway ideas]

The couples find the perfect atmosphere like the quiet needed when you share your first intimate moments of a soul-searching kiss that remains unforgettable like the sounds of waves coming from the azure waters.

Moreover, this beach is also a home for wildlife in the most natural environment. The warmth of a sunny day comes as a blessing after a cold night on this beautiful and magically enticing beach perfect for the lovers.

10. Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Kovalam Beach

Amidst the clatter and din of a perfectly busy day in your office, when you just look at the wallpaper on your LCD screen, you feel relaxed at least virtually.

Kovalam Beach in Kerala, India provides you such calming effect on your mind in reality with its scenic beauty that looks exactly like the one on your screensaver depicting innumerable coconut and palm trees that are lined along the shores of a beach that has the softest sand and the clearest of waters.

The best thing about Kovalam beach is that you can have a great time in just a few hundred to thousand dollars. Another fantastic fact of this beach is that you never have a fear of getting drowned because the currents do not pull your body inside the mighty beach.

Beat the heat and relax in your free time in these beach vacation spots.

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