Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and can be a great place for those who want to explore the beauty of nature but at the same time want to travel at a budget trip.

The place is surrounded with lush hill districts and fascinating temples and offer delicious foods, it has too many things to offer for all age groups and interests. The subsequent guidance with 5 pointers can be beneficial for you to travel Sri Lanka on a pocket friendly budget –

budget travel tips to sri lanka1. Budget Accommodations

In Sri Lanka you can get a decent room on a back packer’s budget. Though the tragic event of Tsunami that occurred in 2004 destroyed most of the accommodative places near the beach, builders have again taken the risk of constructing hotels near the beach for the tourists. At the time of high tide you can touch the sea stream in your lap sitting in the restaurant. It will surely make you feel excited when the warm Indian Ocean will tickle your toes. These accommodations may cost $10 – $30 per night.

2. Eating

Though food of Sri Lanka can cost a bit expensive, you need to search for a right place to have tasty as well as cheap menus. If you opt for curry meals, they will provide you free rice refills, so you can go for these meals as well.

3. Opt for Train

Manage to travel through train as it will be suitable for your budget travel trip to Sri Lanka. Keep in mind that you should book your train tickets in week advance especially on weekends or holidays.

4. Hire Weekly Drivers

The best option to travel in Sri Lanka at affordable rate is by cars; but do not get a new driver / car every day that will cost you quite a fortune; instead go for weekly hired drivers. They will be loyal to you, and get the best view of local Sri Lanka at an affordable rate for sure.

5. Avoid the Prime Tourist Spots

This is another way to save some of your money. Try to avoid the tourist jamming temples and national parks. Agreeably they are some of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking sights but the admission fees are quite hefty. Instead you can visit the local sights or the massive tea production units that offer free tours.


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