If you are planning a trip to Australia to capture the sun, sea and sand coupled with amazing outback filled with kangaroos and koalas and kookaburras then you are also planning to visit all the popular attractions that we all know about. Right? Well think again. Do you have a wallet fat enough to cover all the expenses to visit these big attractions? If not, then do not worry. Here are a few ways you can round up the entire country without being ripped off.

travel tips to australia on budgetThe Outback

While you are at it, it would be wise for you to skip Ayers Rock completely. It is an overcrowded destination and four hours flight from Sydney. Instead try going to Chillagoe because it’s easier to reach with a very low population. With a population of just 350 people ranging from miners, herdsmen, and aboriginals in jeans, you will be welcomed by wild peacocks too.

You can enjoy the real Outback steak house with a Frisbee-size steak with drafts of XXXX (pronounced: fourex), Queensland state beer. You can also take a tour of the limestone caves at Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park adorned with 30,000 year old aboriginal rock wall paintings and enjoy the view of the coffee and sugar cane plantations against the Great Dividing Range.


The most important and popular touristy thing to do in Sydney is for sure the Harbour Bridge Climb. However instead of paying hundreds of dollars take a hike to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair for a spectacular city views for absolutely free. It is true that both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are the primary attractions of the city and you would not want to miss out on them.

However, the view from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair actually gives you the real perspective of the city’s frame. A 201 year old bench carved out of a natural rock ledge sits there looking out at the city waiting for the sun to set giving an astonishing view of the opera house against the bright warm orange.

Coupled with it are thousands of flying fox bats is sure a sight worth watching. You can also go for a walk on a much quieter 3.7 mile coastal sand walk to Coogee instead of the famous Bondi Beach. However do not skip Mardi Gras at any cost especially if you are travelling in early March.

The Road

On the road you might want to go to Captain Cook’s Highway which is a 47 mile coastal road that runs between Cairns and Mossman connecting the beautiful Cape Tribulation rain Forest and the Great Barrier Reef. However, if you are not eager to see too many fish then you are welcomed to snorkel with crowds of people at Cairns or else moving down to Cape Tribulation, a relatively lesser known reef town can be helpful. It is also a sight of the ancient Daintree Rainforest.

The Reef

Try go reef watching from Cape Tribulation. In fact, here you can get an excellent view of Mt. Sorrow to the north. You can also indulge in Ocean Safari Adventure here at the Mackay and Undine reef section that offers a spectacular view of the orange and white anemone fish, ledges of pink coral, sea turtles and starfish. If you are lucky you can also experience the blue torpedo shoots out of the ocean by the migratory humpback whales.

With all these amazing sights to see apart from the oh so popular to tourist attractions make your trip to Australia a memorable and fun one.


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