Holidays give you the much needed break from the mundane routines of work and home. They are the time to relax and have fun. If you are the type who travels alone then it is time you opted for a group trip with like-minded people or friends. Here are some reasons that will convince you to join a group the next time you plan to take a break:

group travel

1. Easy to Organize

If you are travelling in a group then the bookings are easy to obtain. Most travel operators and transport facilities prefer bulk bookings and can help you get better accommodation and seating arrangements. Usually, once a group is organized the coordinator or the principle organizer takes care of all the arrangements. Further there are a number of group travel operators who handle the entire logistics for you end to end. So all you need to do is to pack your bags.

2. Safe and Dependable

Group holidays not just give you the ease of convenience of organizing but are also very safe and dependable. Traveling in a group will always give you the security of being surrounded with known people especially when travelling to distant lands. Going in a pack protects you from potential dangers of travel such as theft and getting lost.

3. Discounts

Group bookings mean a lot of shared common costs.  Accommodation and transport are available at discounted prices for bulk bookings. Even travel insurance costs for group travelers come cheaper. What is more, you also stand to get good deals on food and concierge services. Thus the entire operation becomes more affordable than you thought. There are special rate slabs for children too. So, if you find traveling with your small family expensive then group travel is the best solution. You can do the same things for less.

4. Flexibility

Group bookings through airlines and travel operators come with a lot of flexibility. Most airlines and hotels offer to block reservations without upfront payment. For larger groups they allow the option of changing the names unlimited number of times. This means that even if a person drops out you could find someone else to fill in the gap. Some of the plans also allow small groups to join a bigger group with similar itinerary and get more savings per person.

5. Lot More Fun

Group travel is a lot more fun. For instance a surfing trip with those who share the passion triples your fun quotient. Traveling solo means not much of an interaction with others, which is ok, but in a group you are never bored. Someone is bound to have more energy at every point which is enough to keep the mood upbeat. Children and adults are more likely to form long lasting relationships with others of the group. Singles may meet and romance may strike, you never know.

Considering all the above reasons, group travel is worth giving a try. But be warned that you may get hooked to travelling in a group ever after.

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