E-cigarettes and Portable Vaporizers (Go to this site to see the most advanced and affordable vaporizer in the market) are fast becoming an option for smokers who are looking for alternatives.

They are being endorsed by celebrities and recommended by smokers who are slowly shifting to a healthier way to smoke.

What makes e-cigarettes popular? Are they safe? Are they suitable for traveling? How expensive are they? Let us look for a fewanswers and find out if they are a good option for the times you are on the road.

 Smoke free and less harmful alternative

E-cigarettes are smoke free. They provide the smokers with their nicotine fix without theharmful chemicals and the stinking smoke.

It emits water vapor that disappears into the air without causing any unpleasantness.

This makes it ideal for non-smoking places or for when one needs to spend long hours with people who do not approve of smoking.

This makes it especially useful for smokers who need to travel on planes for long distances. It is good to know that e-cigarettes are smoke free alternative allowed in most non-smoking places.

 E-cigarettes – a better option?

Electric cigarettes don’t expose the smoker or those around him to harmful chemicals that are present in the traditional cigarettes.

They provide the smoker with their nicotine fix with the help of liquid nicotine present in cartomizers.

This ensures that the smoker’s lungs are not exposed to tar and other carcinogenic chemicals.

The smoke exhaled by users of e-cigarettes contains only water vapors thus causing no harm, unlike the second-hand smoking of real cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes while traveling

E-cigarettes are perfect for those who are used to their daily quota of nicotine. Traveling long distances can prove to be very stressful for smokers. Smoking is not allowed in flights and going hours without smoking can cause a lot of stress to them.

E-cigarettes on the other hand are allowed during flights and on most means of transport. This ensures that smokers do not miss their cigarettes and travel stress free. This makes e-cigarettes true saviors for those who cannot stay away from cigarettes for long periods.

How to choose e-cigarettes

One can look for e-cigarette reviews online to know about the various brands available. One can compare the prices, flavors and various types of e-cigarettes available. The different flavors available make it an experience that is not only close to real smoking but can enhance the pleasures of smoking with unusual flavors like mint and chocolate.

In addition, look for coupons available that help cut down the initial cost of e-cigarettes. In the long run e-cigarettes prove to be cheaper than the traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes can help cut down on smoking and ease the tough period that smokers face when trying to quit.


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