Hiking is an adventurous activity, but apart from the venturesome elements, it offers a close encounter with nature. Because of the attractive aspects of hiking and increasing number of hikers, countries all over the world have started improving their hiking trails to increase the inflow of tourism revenues.

Hiking trails are everywhere, but the most majestic and beautiful ones can be found in Europe where you can experience every kind of terrain, from the peaks of the grand Alps to the Scandinavian fjords. While most of them are amazing in themselves, we have sifted some of the best trails in Europe.

Top five Europe's best hiking trails

Here are five hiking trails in Europe:

1. Tour Du Mont Blanc

The highest mountain situated in the European Union—Mount Blanc—is not unknown to adventures. The hiking trail features grand valleys that stretch into Switzerland, Italy and France and isamong the most beautiful trails in the world.

The Trail crosses all the aforesaid countries, beginning and ending in Chamonix, France and crossing through some picturesque villages such as Courmayeur in Italy. There is no need to camp here since the trail provides an ample number of accommodations along the way.

2. Laugavegurinn

Situated in Iceland, the trail’s name essentially means “The Hot Spring Route”, but the trail has more than just that. Characterized by active volcanoes, glaciers, technicolor mountains and emerald green valleys, the trail is known to be one of the most bewitching experiences for hikers.

The trail is highly popular among Icelanders so you may find a little traffic, but you should not be bothered by it since there are ample facilities available for immediate assistance if so needed.

3. Slovenian Mountain Trail

Ever since 1953, the trail has connected three ranges in Slovenia, namely: Julian Alps, Karavanke, Pohorje and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The trail begins from the town of Maribor, going through long stretches of mountain ridges, valleys, and ends in the coastal village of Ankaran.

The trail is well-housed and maintained with about 50 huts and 80 checkpoints for the convenience of the hikers. There are two museums which add to the number of attractions along the trail.

4. El Camino Del Rey

El Camino Del Rey was an ancient trade route, which later became a Christian pilgrimage; however, it is known primarily asSpain’s most popular hiking trail. The trail has many starting points, but the culmination is always at Santiago de Compostela, which is a cathedral situated in Northern Spain and believed to be the resting place of St. James.

The most iconic route—the French Way—starts from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port town in France, which is located just five miles from the border of Spain and crosses through the Pyrenees. The route has manyaccommodations and other general facilities along its track and hikers are not required to bring a stuffed backpack.

5. Kungsleden

Situated north of Sweden, the famed King’s Trail is one of Europe’s largest wilderness areas. The trail is popularly used by hikers during summers and cross-country skiers during the winters and offers an Arctic landscape of tundra, birch forests and tundra as well as the highest peak of Sweden, Mount Kebnekaise.

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