One of the most overlooked cities in the world may just be Oporto, Portugal, which is often referred to as the City Of Bridges. It’s the second-largest city in Portugal and serves as the capital of the Norte Region.

It sits like a magnificent picture on a postcard on the banks of the peaceful Douro River and is famous for producing the world-popular port wine.

The city’s rich history includes being a shipyard for the Portuguese fleet during the 14th and 15th centuries. Its centre was classified as a World Heritage Site in the mid 1990s and is home to numerous architectural and historical wonders such as the Oporto Cathedral, Palacio de Balsa, Church of Cedofeita, and Casa da Musica.

Oporto is a cultural paradise and offers the Sao Joao Festival, an international film festival, several museums, libraries, art galleries, theaters, cinemas and a ballet for all tastes and ages. Finding something interesting to see and do in this northern capital isn’t hard at all.

There are numerous restaurants to choose from that specialize in local and regional dishes and wines. The narrow cobblestoned streets are a pleasure to walk down as you explore every corner of Oporto.

You can also get around by the city’s fine metro and bus system. Soccer lovers will be delighted to hear Oporto is home to one of the worlds’ best soccer teams and stadiums.

If you want to visit one of the planet’s greatest examples of the old world mixed with the new, then a trip to Oporto should be on the top of your list.

Photo Credit: Antonio F.F.L


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