The fun is sky high between September 16th and 19th 2010, as the 37th Annual Coupe d’lcare takes place in Saint-Hilaire du Touvet, France. The get together is billed as an international free-flying event as it features just about anything that can fly, including Paragliders, Hanggliders, Free-Fallers, Kites, and Hot-Air Balloons.

The name of the festival is based on the Greek myth in which Icarus flew with wings that were made out of feathers and wax and he flew from his island prison in Crete.

Now, each summer sees about 8000 modern-day adventurists and aviators recreate the flight of Icarus as they launch themselves off of the spectacular Plateau des Petites Roches and gracefully glide 600 meters through the crystal mountain air down to the town of Lumbin.

The busy event also features a trade show, several aerial demonstrations and stunt-flying displays and just about everything featured at the festival is related to the theme of flight, air, and wind.

Other attractions include a flight-themed film festival and the night-time launching of thousands of small illuminated balloons as well as several flight-related events for children.

One of the highlights of the event is the masquerade contest, in which people showcase their most poetic and innovative flying inventions. In the past these have included such creative things as flying cars, giant footballs, and dragons as they drift to the ground.

The festival also allows amateur pilots to give it a go from plateau on the Thursday and Friday before the pros take over the event.

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