Forget the images of polar bears, icebergs and 10-foot snow drifts, there’s a lot of warm weather and sunshine in Alaska during the summer.

And one of the best events to enjoy it at is the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, which will be taking place in the city of Fairbanks on July 21-24.

The games attract natives from Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest as they celebrate the various indigenous traditions and cultures.

The Olympics feature several traditional events and contests along with some off-the-wall events including knuckle hop, ear-pulling, the nalukatak (blanket toss), and high kick. There are men’s and women’s divisions for the events.

Some of the other popular events include the Miss World Eskimo-Indian Olympic Games contest, food exhibitions, marathon races, storytelling, and traditional dance and music performances.

The inaugural Games took place in 1961 and were such a big hit they’ve been held every year since. Most of the events test the participant’s endurance, strength, agility, and balance.

You can get to Fairbanks by air, rail, and road and there’s a lot more to see and to once you reach the city. The Games are a perfect opportunity to soak in the culture of the local indigenous people and share in their traditions.



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