Today, wine tasting has become the latest trend all around the world and is a practice followed by many wine lovers. The wine tasting culture has become so popular that a lot of individuals prefer to go to those vacation destinations that offer such experiences.  It’s definitely a different and exciting way to spend your vacation as the vineyard views are breathtaking.

A wine tasting experience also acts as a perfect holiday plan for the couples to spend time together, romancing in the lovely vineyards.

If you too are planning for one such occasion then below given list of the best wine tasting places would surely be of interest to you:

best wine tasting places in the worldOkanagan Valley in British Columbia

More than 60 varieties of grapes are grown here. You can start your tour from Penticton as it has more than 100 wineries. You have to go through pads on the shores of Okanagan Lake to reach here. The view of these vineyards is mesmerizing and you shall never want to come back home from your vacation.

Bordeaux, France

You would definitely have an exciting and memorable experience while visiting Bordeaux.  The wine tasting rooms are located amidst gothic churches and elegant surroundings. Some of the popular and the most expensive wines are produced here in Bordeaux.  Countries’ finest cuisines are also available here. What is better than to have the world’s finest wine along with the best cuisine of France?

Mendoza, Argentina

You have to pre book your vacation way in advance if you wish to visit the wineries of Argentina. Majority of the places require pre bookings before taking you on a tour of the wineries. Various wine tasting and dinner tasting tours are also organized by them and thus the overall experience of Argentina is surely going to be quite interesting.

Finger Lakes, New York

The view from the wineries located here is truly mesmerizing and you will always long to go back. There are more than 100 wineries in this region. You can sample wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling.  New York wine center there offers you all the information required to tour the region and also offer wine tasting tours.

Cape town, South Africa

South Africa has gained popularity in terms of wine over a period of decade.  The soil here is apt to have some of the world’s best wine like Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. The place is ideal if you are looking for an interesting wine tasting holiday.

Yarra Valley, Australia

Yarra Valley is located on the outskirts of Melbourne which is known for its various wineries and beautiful landscape. The area is popular for sparkling wines, Pinot Nir, Syrah and other varieties. Various tasting rooms along with decent accommodation options are located in this region. All in all it’s a good vacation destination offering the best of food, wines and shopping.

Besides the above given there are many other places like Barcelona, Napa & Sonoma and Tuscany which offer great wine tasting experience.


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