Using public restrooms is not the best or most pleasant experience for any of us.  While some people forget to flush, others may dirty the toilet seat, making the experience almost horrific. The way we use the restroom is very important as the wrong usage can make it uncomfortable for the others to use it after us.

While travelling, following proper bathroom and toilet etiquette is thus very crucial and a matter of common manners.  By brushing up your toilet etiquette skills, you not only prove to be a good traveler but also help others. The following are some basic points of bathroom and toilet etiquette to follow while you are travelling:

toilet etiquette to follow while travelling

Always Close the Door When you are Using the Toilet or Bathroom

The first and most basic point of bathroom and toilet etiquette is to close the door when you are using it. No one wants to see you doing your business and it can very unpleasant for others to watch, especially in the case of public toilets. Also, if your child is using the toilet, it is better to close or atleast half-close the door.

Always Leave the Door Open when you are Done

When you are done using the toilet, it is better to leave the door open so that others can know which toilet is free and which is occupied. This is not a defined rule but is a matter of basic etiquette, irrespective of the country you are travelling to.

Put the Toilet Seat Down When you are Done

It is best to put the toilet seat down when you are done using it as this is a common polite gesture around the world.

Clean the Toilet Seat When you are Done

Another common matter of restroom etiquette to follow when travelling is to clean the toilet seat after inspecting it after you are done. Don’t leave any drops on the seat as that can be very unhygienic and unpleasant for the others.

Put the Fan or Exhaust on After you are Done

If there is a facility for an exhaust fan or a regular fan in the toilet, it is better to put it on after you are done because no one wants to walk into a stinking bathroom.

Use Designates Hand Towels or Tissues After Washing Hands

Washing your hands after you are done using the toilet is also a matter of basic toilet etiquette. Make sure you use only the designated hand towels or tissues to dry your hands and not any other towels that you see hanging.

Throw used Tissues in Dustbin Only

Do not create a litter on the floor or on the sink and always throw the used tissues in the dustbin that has been provided.

Flush Properly

Do not forget to flush and make sure you flush properly and for long enough.

Never Flush any Feminine Products in the Toilet

Avoid flushing any sanitary pads or other such products in the toilet and throw them in the bin only.


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