Coffee shops always give away to people the best things in life—coffee and relaxation. They have redefined the world of casual food outing and come up with brilliant ideas to provide to the customers with the most satisfying blend of coffee and comfort. Now coffee shops do not restrict themselves to the service of coffee but have expanded their offerings.

Quite evidently, in this article, we shall talk about coffee shops—the best ones in the world. These coffee shops have gained international fame due to their unique infrastructure, impeccable service, and of course, a great stock of options, not restricted to coffee and related beverages.

Five best Coffee shops in the world which you must visit

Here are five best coffee shops across the globe which you must visit:

  1. Truth Coffee, South Africa

The truth has been spoken: The Truth Coffee is among the finest and most satisfying experiences in the world. This steam-punk inspired coffee shop features metal piping from top to bottom, attractive old machinery, vintage iron drums and what not. The décor is, of course, the highlight of the shop, but there is more than just that.

The Truth Coffee is associated with a number of luxury hotels in South Africa to which it supplies its items and has, therefore, gained massive popularity.

  1. Barista Parlour, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Formerly a garage, the coffee shop has now become one of the most popular outing spots in the United States. The shop features locally-made leather aprons, bow ties, an extensive coffee list, cool music and everything you would expect from a perfect coffee shop. To add to the coolness, the owner of the shop is a close buddy to the frontman of Black Keys, Dan Auerbach.

  1. Café Central

Vienna is an architecturally-blessed city, and you can experience the bliss everywhere—even in coffee shops. Café Central is one such coffee shop which has carved for itself a special place in every other Vienna bucket list. Established in the year 1876, the café is known to have been visited by the likes of Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud.

The interior of the shop showcases grand chandeliers, marble pillars, and stunning seating arrangementamong many other attractions. It is a beautiful place to be at where you can savor an exhilarating experience.

  1. Workshop Coffee, London

Workshop Coffee is one of the most popular names in London and promises to provide the “sweetest, cleanest and freshest coffee” to customers. Founded in the year 2011, James Dickson, the owner, wanted to establish café culture in Australia, which was not as popular as in Britain back then; however, he ended up expanding his business in London.

  1. Holy Belly

Holy belly is as much as fun as it sounds, and this is precisely the idea behind its foundation. Situated in Paris, the café houses a game arcade, an extensive but delicious menu which makes fun references, and a relaxing environment. The shop is particularly known for its “Flat ‘Water’ White” item so give it a try whenever you are there!


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