Cruise holidays are one of the best ways to go out on a vacation with your loved ones. A cruise ship is a tiny world on its own and offers a great way to escape the hustle bustle of the city life and relax. But since you are away from land and can’t get certain things on the ship, it is important to pack smartly and carry all the travel essentials.

travel essentials for a cruise holiday

Following is the list that can help will you to pack for a cruise.

  • Calculate how many days you are travelling on a cruise.  Accordingly count the number of dresses that would be required.
  • View the cruise itinerary carefully. Most of the times on a cruise there are dress codes.  Read them carefully and pack accordingly.
  • Casual wear- Women can opt for summer dresses, shorts, tops and other summer clothes whereas gents can wear their usual shorts or quarter pants also.
  • Formal dinner- skirts and coats or full length pretty gowns are required for such an invite. Men should wear formal jackets or suits with bow tie for such formal dinners. Keep in mind that formal attire calls for formal shoes and not beach slippers.
  • A swim suit is a must on a cruise.
  • Carry one pair of heels of neutral color that can be worn easily with any dress.
  • Tennis shoes are a must for a cruise.  Cruise usually docks at various ports and one can go out to roam around in the different cities. Tennis shoes or sport shoes are very comfortable for such journeys.
  • Sunscreen is a must. Preferably carry a water soluble sunscreen lotion. All the swimming pools are outdoors on a cruise and hence you may get tanned.
  • Carry good quality sunglasses. You are in direct contact with sun on a cruise.  It is very essential to protect your eyes from direct sunlight.
  • A sling bag is a travel essential.  It leaves your hands free and you can carry some cash and your room card along with you whenever you are out.
  • Cruise can make you sea sick and thus it is always better to carry the medicines for the same. The medicines become even more important if you are traveling in a cruise for the first time.
  • Ladies should carry light makeup kit. As you will need to dress up for formal dinners you should carry atleast the basic make up items including foundation, eye shadows, lip colors, nail polish and others.
  • One light jacket or a windcheater should also be packed. Nights can be cold and windy on the cruise and sometimes you might require a light jacket while you enjoy watching the stars in the vast open sky.

Besides the above given, there can be many other items which can be considered as essential, depending upon individual’s requirement. The requirement may also change depending upon the location you are travelling to. So make a list and make sure to carry all your needed stuff.


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