In the current economic crisis and limited job market, people have started following a new way to go on a break or a vacation and this new way is termed as Staycation. Staycation refers to taking a vacation at home itself by doing everything that helps one relax, unwind and take a break from work.

Ofcourse, a vacation has its benefits and most people would prefer going out of their homes for unwinding, but even a Staycation offers a gamut of positives. If you wish to find out which one is better, then the following given points of comparison will help.

vacation vs. staycation which is better

Pros of a Vacation

  • The change of scenery, change of routine and luxury of going to another place is undoubtedly the best positives associated with taking a vacation.
  • A vacation offers a lot more choices and options of places to go and things to experience as compared to a Staycation. You can choose from many choices including Beach Vacations, hills, cities and other settings and this is something which a Staycation does not offer.

Cons of a Vacation

  • One of the biggest negative associated with a vacation is that it can be expensive. Staycation proves to be much more of an affordable option. Ofcourse there are many ways to cut back but even then a vacation proves more expensive than staying at home.
  • A vacation can come with a huge list of negatives including losing luggage, getting robbed and several others.

Pros of a Staycation

  • The biggest positive associated with a Staycation is that it is a much cheaper option than a vacation. Neither do you have to worry about flights nor hotels. You can significantly cut down on expenses by taking a Staycation rather than a vacation atleast once every two times.
  • Staycation can offer you the ultimate relaxation. It involves just being at home, lying in bed, watching TV and having delicious food. Neither does one have to go through jet lag nor the fatigue of constantly moving from one place to another.

Cons of a Staycation

  • The fact that there is no change in scenery or destination is the biggest negative associated with a Staycation. It offers a limited number of options in terms of Travel destinations, things to do and adventures to experience.
  • When you go on a vacation, you get the luxury of finding your room clean, getting your laundry done, having your ride booked for you but when you are on a Staycation, then you may have to still do all the housework and chores on your own. So even when you are supposed to relax, you may still need to tend to certain things.

Both vacations and Staycation can be good options depending upon your current financial situation and the frame of mind you are in. it is important to make the decision wisely and then enjoy whichever option you choose by doing maximum possible things of your interest or liking.


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