Of course, travelling or going for a vacation with your toddler can be a lot of fun but at the same time, it can be very exhausting as well. For most parents, going for a baby-friendly vacation can be tough to plan, especially if it is there first time.

From packing for the toddlers to arranging for their food on the trip, the entire process can be challenging, especially if you don’t plan ahead in time. If you are someone who is thinking of going for a vacation with your toddler, then you must keep the following given things in mind:

things to keep in mind while planning a vacation with toddlers

Choose a Baby-Friendly Accommodation

Not all hotels and resorts around the world are very baby-friendly or toddler-welcoming. So make sure you choose one which is and has facilities which make your stay with the baby comfortable.  Do ask in advance if the accommodation provides facility to warm baby milk, has a baby chair and slanted pathways to let the stroller of the toddler pass through.  It is a good idea to enquire about these things by making a call before booking.

Carry a Separate Baby Suitcase

A toddler can need more things on a vacation than you and hence it is important to carry a separate suitcase or bag for him. Besides the clothing essentials, you will need to carry a host of other things like the sterilizer, the small toys, the bathing products, the diapers, the wipes and some extra change of clothes for each day.

Choose a Toddler-Friendly Location

Before you circle the vacation destination, give it another thought. Not all places in the world are suitable to go with toddlers and hence you might want to pick a one where your toddler too will enjoy. Toddlers are big enough to see around, soak in their surroundings and like/dislike places. It is better to go for a place which has enough attractions for the little one as well. For example, you can choose to go for a destination which has an adventure park or a zoo to entertain the baby as well. Also, avoid going to wildlife safaris, beaches and extreme climate places which might be too harsh for the toddler.

Emergency Services

Toddlers might fall sick at new places due to many different climatic changes, water difference and other variables. Thus it is important to ensure that there are enough emergency services like hospitals, clinics and child care centers in the destination that you are planning to visit. It is better to jot down the numbers of these places in advance before heading out.


If you are planning to visit a city and take walks etc., then make sure the city or place you are going to visit is pram or stroller-friendly. This means that it must have separate pathways over which the stroller can pass on comfortable without getting too many jerks etc. this is important as it might be difficult to carry the toddler in your arms throughout the trip.


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