cruise vacationCruises have become a highly specialized industry.

There are specialized tours and vacation packages for every type of seafaring traveler, from the adventurous spirit to senior get-togethers.

No matter what your predilection is, there is probably a vacation cruise that caters to your specific preference and personality.

Starting with the adventurer at heart, all the major cruise lines sail to exotic ports where you can climb a dormant volcano, traipse through dense rain forests, bike through mountain passes or plantations, dive with sharks, or paraglide off of high cliffs.

For more tame excursions, there is always snorkeling among coral reefs, horseback riding on the beach, scuba diving in crystal clear waters.

For the health and fitness enthusiast, all the cruise lines are stocked full of fitness equipment, exercise programs and contain special amenities, not to mention a healthy menu, to provide you with an all-encompassing fitness regime that would rival any top-rated health club on land.

All cruise lines have at least a gym and a spa. Some have additional special amenities such as a rock climbing wall, boxing ring, jogging track, a surfing simulator, and even an ice-skating rink.

Single girls now have a place to get together and share camaraderie with each other while enjoying the local port of call.

Onboard, there are fully-equipped fitness facilities, spas, restaurants, and entertainment while off-board, itineraries may include wine tasting at the local vinery, bike rides, walking through the countryside, shopping at vintage stores, and so much more.

Almost every type of cruise and specialized excursions has been thought of and are being offered by different cruise lines.

To find out more information and what each cruise line offers, check out their websites on the Internet and find the best vacation cruise for you.


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