A spontaneous journey is not always fun. It may make you arrive late at the hotel only to see that the hotel is completely booked. You plan to visit the museum on Wednesday but you find out only when you get there that the museum is closed.

So here is a piece of advice ready to help you get a fuss free journey.

Count the days you will spend on that particular location. Include the time you will spend traveling in plane, the train or car so you will be sure of the time you arrive to your destination.

Write down and take with you the address and the phone number of the hotels you are going to stay in. Also consider the time zone difference.

Consider accurately the time you will spend at the airport, the local traffic or the distance you will have to go to reach a certain tourist objective.

Keep an open mind about interruptions in the schedule. Opportunities may come along to visit or to enjoy something on the way so you need to be able to bend the schedule so you won’t miss the opportunity.

Leave a copy of your itinerary at home or to someone you trust. They might need to contact you while you are on the road.

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