1. Telluride ColoradoWhidbey Island in Washington State. The little pint-sized Whidbey Island is just 20 minutes by ferry off the coast of Seattle. The island has maintained the true beauty of nature in the redwood forests and coves overlooking Puget Sound. There are very reasonable rates at inns on the island as well.
  2. Napa Valley California is a romantic location that offers wineries, history, beautiful hotels and world renowned restaurants. Napa Valley offers couples beautiful drives through the wineries and mountains. While Napa Valley is very beautiful and conducive to relaxing and romance it is also very conducive to sightseeing and tourism.
  3. Chassignolles France is known as the secret village. The town is located 3,000 feet about sea level near a national park. Chassignolles is absolutely gorgeous and should it be in the budget this village is a must see romantic travel destination.
  4. Telluride Colorado is known for their competitive skiing and winter festivities but Telluride is also one of the most romantic places in the United States. What could be more romantic than snow-tipped mountains and a sweet historic mountainous village?
  5. Savannah Georgia. This 18th century town filled with garden squares and antebellum town houses epitomizes the southern charm and romance.
  6. Bali is a land of unmistakable beauty and charm. Bali possesses wide beaches and glorious mountains as well as historic and elaborate Hindu temples. Due to the beauty and romance of Bali the resorts were designed especially for nurturing and escaping the everyday world for romance and relaxation.
  7. Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas Mexico are quite possibly the most beautiful areas in North America. The water is a beautiful hue of blue-green and the sun seems to always shine. The destination would be perfect for any getaway however would make a beautiful and exotic romantic getaway.
  8. Called ‘a poet’s Arcadia’ by famous writer Henry Nelson Coleridge Grenada is a tiny Caribbean island complete with waterfalls and nutmeg trees. One of the qualities of Grenada that makes it so romantic and beautiful is that 1/6 of the island is protected wilderness.
  9. Vancouver Island is a windswept island with beautifully pristine beaches and completely surrounded by nature and old-growth rain forests.
  10. Romantic with a bit of classic Americana, Woodstock Vermont has beautiful steepled churches and sweet homes with white picket fences.


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