The city of Melbourne, Australia will be more vibrant than usual from Oct. 8th-23rd 2010, as it will host the ever popular Melbourne Festival.

This event is generally regarded as Australia’s leader when it comes to international arts festivals and is also considered as one of the best in the world because of its innovation, work, scale and depth.

The annual festival showcases a feast of dancing, music, theatre, multimedia, outdoor events, and visual arts from some of the best artists and performers from Australia and the rest of the world.

The event is on the top of most Australian’s cultural and entertainment calendars as it is the only place in the country for many people to see the type of festival projects, companies, and troupes that are on display here.

The Melbourne Festival is a great way to celebrate the city itself as it tries to involve the whole city during the event, geographically, artistically, and demographically. The event is designed to showcase the most interesting and diverse artistic experience as possible for festival goers.

It aims to entertain as many people as it can by using numerous venues around the city. It’s also proud to offer several free events during the festival.

For more information on the annual Melbourne festival, visit


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