Travelers often overlook Belgium when mapping out an itinerary for a European vacation. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a small, peaceful country, but it sure has a lot to offer when it comes to interesting and scenic cities and towns.

One of the most attractive places is the city of Ostend, which has a population of about 70,000 people and sits in the coast of the North Sea.

Ostend started off as a small fishing village and slowly grew over the years after it became a popular market centre.

The city’s strategic position on the sea has lent to its rich history and it’s a popular seaside resort with Britons and other Europeans, who can reach it by ferry.

The city is an ideal place for travelers of all ages as there’s plenty to do and see. Along with the sea and sand, Ostend offers a host of other sites such as Fort Napoleon, the casino, the James Ensor Museum, the Mercator maritime museum, the Hippodrome Wellington horse racing park, St. Petras and St Paulus Church, and the museum of modern art.

Many people visit the lovely city and its white sandy beaches on day trips during the summer as it’s quite easy to get to by train and bus as well as the sea. It’s a beautiful location for walking the cobblestone streets, visiting the local markets and music festivals and sitting outside for a meal while taking in the fantastic seaside view.


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