When in Brazil, one of the most gorgeous places to visit is the Chapada Diamantina.  Once renowned for the diamond mining operations there, it is now a national park of untold beauty.

chapada diamantina

One can go hiking and see the gorgeous mountain vistas or caving and even snorkel in some of the underground lakes in the caves.

You can kayak or canoe the lovely Pratinha Lake or even use a zip wire to fly across it.  The water of the lake is so crystal clear that you can see up to 100 feet down!

pratinha lake

Schools of fish and giant snails will enter you as you swim above them. This park is 580 square miles of beauty.

Flowers abound, monkeys can be seen and heard in the trees, the wildlife alone can hold anyone’s interest for hours at a time.

chapada diamantina national park

There are cactuses and orchids that are more beautiful than anything ever created in a hothouse. With so much to see and do, you might want to stay for more than a week to ensure that you have plenty of time to enjoy all there is to experience.

You will definitely want to bring a camera to take a lot of pictures so your friends and family will know that you aren’t exaggerating about the whole thing!


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