With so many things everyone is eager to see in Moscow the regular traveler must make sure he or she does not miss Kremlin. In order to do that visitors must focus on several issues that might come along.

  1. Pick the right day for a visit and keep in mind that Kremlin is the residence of the Russian president and the daily presidential agenda may cause some sections of the palace to be closed.
  2. Decide what you want to see inside Kremlin. There are cathedrals, museums and so many exhibitions so getting a map from the Alexander Garden before you buy the tickets is a very good idea.
  3. For certain objectives placed inside the Kremlin you will have to buy tickets from inside the palace.
  4. Leave a considerable amount of time for the museums. They host impressive art collections and the State Armory Museum is spectacular being the home of a lot of important pieces.
  5. Even if you are not a religious person take the time to admire the artistic details and the impressive amount of gold the outstanding Kremlin cathedrals are holding as decoration for the holly icons.
  6. Visit the Red Square and take a moment to see the amazing view of the St. Basil Cathedral and the rubies shining on the towers of Kremlin.

Some useful advice is to buy the tickets yourself because so many people are on a look to fool tourists offering fakes and you should know that if you want to take photos you will have to pay for an extra ticket or leave the camera at the entrance.

Photo credit: foje64


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