Traveling for living? Is this a dream come true or is it a daily job some people actually do? Well…It can sure be both.

In the multitude of travel sites placed all over the web you can find several updated by people who actually do this for a living. Looking from outside it will look like quite an odd everyday job but being a professional travel blogger is a trendy occupation people actually apply for and get on doing.

 Many of those traveling for a living are people fond of adventure that would be ready to quit a nine to five job, pack up a suitcase and get going wherever it was needed to go .

Why would somebody pay you to do this?

It is actually simple. The largest hotels and resorts of the world pay to be honestly evaluated. As they pay people to go undercover and pose as guest, making demands and testing the amenities offered to the maximum, so do the international travel agencies.

It is common knowledge that people travel based on other people’s opinion and no matter if qualified or not the wining and dining reviews are the things people search when choosing a place to go out.

Around 90% of the travel information online is provided by people who actually went there and their opinion is based on nothing but facts. So, there is no wonder that a travel company would pay a professional blogger to go around the world and evaluate everything about a certain destination.

How would you know these people?

They are the ones posting on Facebook and Twitter impressions on tourist objectives, the ones evaluating in detail the travel destinations of the world, the ones whose opinion can give the casual traveler the valuable info for a safe and fun trip or vacation.

It is true that these people are trained or have the skill to be 99% objective and judge a location from a neutral point of view which is something not everybody can do when on vacation.

The bottom line is such a job may seem the top of fun and the large majority of us would take it on in a glimpse but being a professional traveler might be also a handful when gathering and sharing information.

This is why the people traveling for a living are taking on a challenge rather than a simple paid job.


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