ginkgo petrified forest state parkTo many people Eastern Washington is a treeless desert.

But, if you look closer you can see so much more. There is beauty here in Eastern Washington.

It’s in the sunsets that light up the sky like the fourth of July. It’s in the lightning that arrives with a summer storm.

It’s in the blanket of snow that purifies the land every winter.

Eastern Washington is often ignored for the western side of the state.

Seattle, the Puget Sound, and Olympic National Park are all nice places, but here are seven great wonders of Eastern Washington.

The first place of the 7 wonders of Eastern Washington is Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park. This is a truly unique area in all of the United States.

Eastern Washington wasn’t always the desert we know it as now. 15 million years ago it was full of swamps, lakes, and forest.

Due to the volcanic activity that was prominent then, many of the trees and animals of the time became fossilized in this small area near Vantage.

With over 50 different types of petrified wood, the park is located near the Wanapum Dam and has its own campgrounds. If you’ve never seen polished petrified wood, it would be a treat for you to see Washington’s state gem.



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