White-water rafting is an enthralling and mind-blowing experience that makes people get out and test their adventuresome instincts. While it offers a great amount of entertainment to people, it is safe enough when you have the assistance of experienced guides and well-maintained equipment on a raft.

Many countries host some of the most awesome destinations where white-rafting experience is next level. These places enjoy worldwide craze and are among the most visited places in the world. Europe, for that matter, hosts some of the most incredible white-rafting destinations—and if your next trip is anywhere in Europe and you need to test your courage somewhere nice, then you must certainly check out the following mentioned places.

Each place mentioned in this article offers the best possible services to rafters; be it safety, qualitative assistance, a massive volume of aesthetic arrest and whatnot, you will find here everything in good amounts. So, without further ado, here are five places in Europe where white-rafting is an absolute fun!

5 Best White-water Rafting Destinations in Europe

1. Noce River, Italy

Noce River is regarded as the best river for rafting in the world and is one of the many charms of Italy. The Dolomites offer a scintillating mountain backdrop to the rafting regions, adding to the natural beauty of the place. The rafting stretch is pretty long—long enough that the rafting may last for hours.

In the stretch, you can find violent and calmer portions; for example, the Mostizzolo Gorge gives the most heart-pumping rafting experiences to the daredevils. The calmer sections are recommended to those who are coming with families or novices.

The rafting area also provides a number of other sports for entertainment so if you want to further test your courage and gush up your adrenaline, then you have plenty of options in your hands.

2. Sjoa River, Norway

We all know Norway is home to many marvelous and mind-arresting fjords of all time, but not many know that the country offers excellent locations for white-river rafting.

In Sjoa, there are cliffs that enhance the overall rafting experience, with trips covering hours. Here there are many challenging rapids that will make you experience an exciting flow of adrenaline throughout your body. The Aaseng Canyon is the place where you can find Class V rapid conditions.

One of the many awesome things about white-water rafting in Norway is that there are additional facilities such as sauna and tasty food available that do away with physical exhaustion from the day.

3. Tryweryn River, Snowdonia, the United Kingdom

Tryweryn River is crowned as the best rafting river in the entire United Kingdom. The river lies close to the Bala town situated against the backdrop of lush green mountains. It runs deep through a few demanding rapids that offer conditions up to Class IV. Nearby dams contribute to the flow, and at times, your experience may become doubly challenging.

The stretch is small, but there are many runs one can take so the trip will not fall short of fulfillment.

4. Rhein River, Switzerland

The bewitching mountains of the majestic Swiss Alps offer some of the most scenic regions in the world. While the region is more popular for skiing in the winter, it offers great white-water rafting opportunities which a rafter must not miss out on.

The Vorderrhein Gorge is a place where rafting happens for over ten miles but assures an experience that shall last with you until you die. The river is a piece of cake for experienced rafters since the rapid conditions are only of Class II and III. But, come here to enjoy the natural beauty of the Alps seasoned with a strong dose of adventure.

5. Katun River, Siberia

Siberia might be among the remotest areas of Europe, but it is blessed with exactly the right kind of natural topography that allows excellent conditions for rafting.

The Katun River is the place where rafting takes a whole new level. It is really fast and runs for about seven hundred miles. In seven days, you are assured maximum experience of the region through rafting.

Among the many highlights of rafting on the Katun River is the stretch famously called the KadrinskayaTruba—it is a gorge with spectacular rapids. There are the ShabashRapids that offer amazing rapid conditions to rafters.

Since Siberia is a remote region, the supplies are not as well-maintained as in other rafting areas across Europe. So, make sure you have checked on essential supplies before leaving for rafting—otherwise, this place is great!


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