Most people love the sunshine. They may not want to lie in it all day long, but it can sure brighten up a cloudy day. If you’re looking to take a vacation where you can soak up some of its hot rays, these are some of the sunniest spots on earth.

1. The Sahara Desert, Niger, Africa


(photo credit: felix11)

According to the folks at NASA, the Sahara Desert in northern Niger is the sunniest place on the planet.

2. Namibia, Africa


(photo credit: dkeats)

The interior of Namibia gets tons of sunshine each year, especially in the cities of Mariental and Keetmanshoop. A lot of Namibia is desert or semi-desert.

3. Andalusia, Spain


(photo credit: uncorneredmarket)

This region is actually considered to be Europe’s sunniest spot. The Mediterranean coastline here receives more than 300 sunny days a year.

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4. Yuma, Arizona, USA


(photo credit: Ernesto Geppo)

This American city receives close to 4,050 hours of sun each year. This isn’t bad when you consider there’s only a possible 4,456 hours of daylight. Many believe it to be the sunniest location in the world, but NASA disagrees. In addition, the city only receives about three inches of rain each year.

5. Southern Chile, South America


(photo credit: Cindy Stephenson)

Some regions of south Chile can receive up to 17 hours of sunlight some days. This means little sleep, but it’s well worth it in this breathtaking country.

6. Central, North Western Australia, Australia


(photo credit: the_grateful_dad)

This large piece of land covers quite a bit of the country. It averages between nine and 11 hours of sun a day, even during the winters.

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7. Redding, California, USA


(photo credit: nathangraham)

Redding sits in the north part of California and is well known for its sundial bridge. It’s also one of the sunniest places in America, with about 88 per cent of the year being warmed by the sun.

8. Cyprus


(photo credit: cts56)

Cyprus is known to receive up to 13 hours of sun a day during the summers. However, this decreases from December to May.

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9. Lisbon, Portugal


(photo credit: retrorocketrick)

Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon is arguably the sunniest capital in Europe. The beautiful coastal towngets between nine and 12 hours of sun per day between April and September.

10. Algeria, Africa


(photo credit:nygus)

The sunshine never seems to stop in this northern African nation between May and September. The Mediterranean Sea lies next door if you’d like to cool off though. And that’s a good possibility as it’s believed the temperature in the town of Tiguentour once reached about 60 degrees Celsius.

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11. Marseilles, France


(photo credit: pmalley)

This French city receives close to 2,800 hours of sun each year. It’s close to the Mediterranean Coast, which also gets up to 12 hours a day during the summers.

12. Rhodes Island, Greece


(photo credit: robertlz)

Rhodes Island is the fourth-biggest in Greece. It’s one of Europe’s sunniest destinations with about 300 days of it per year. All of Greece can get up to 14 hours of sun a day in the summers.

13. The Caribbean Islands


(photo credit: stgrundy)

The Caribbean is well known as one of the world’s sunniest locations. Most of the islands receive between seven and nine hours of sun a day and even more during the area’s dry months.

14. Phoenix, Arizona, USA


(photo credit: nrasmussen)

This popular American city receives between 10 and 14 hours of sun a day between February and October each year.

15. Canary Islands, Spain


(photo credit: tenerifegolf)

These Spanish islands aren’t really that sunny during the winters with just six to eight hours a day, but when the summers come, they receive up to 11 hours.


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