People see America as the land of all possibilities, the place where anybody with a shred of luck can actually make it.

Beyond this almighty image we are all so used to see when looking at United States, there are things that even America can’t control. These things come in the end to leave a mark over the society and put a stain over the image we have printed in our minds when it comes to the big cities of America.

philadelphiaPhiladelphia fights pollution and crime, Gary Indiana becomes poorer each day under the industry decline, Youngstown Ohio is out to set a record in public representatives’ corruption when a convicted felon for bribery and tax evasion – Jim Traficant- is getting ready to run for Congress again.

new york citySacramento deals with a raising foreclosure rate, the Big Apple – beloved New York City is crushed under the income tax levels growing by the minute and under the huge commuting problem, and Toledo Ohio loses its residents who in spite of the low cost of living choose to leave the city.

toledo ohioChicago suffers from losing the race to host the Olympic Games in 2016 and experiences the largest sale tax rate in the country while Miami Florida is fighting violent crime and high corruption rate.

Miami Florida

America has its miserables…Its proud cities where the entire relevant actions take place in the Hollywood movies are experiencing the same rough problems like all the cities of the world.


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