When exploring the beauties of a new country, the shining cafés, full-modern hotels, most desirable museums are to be the first things that come into minds.

However, the wallet in the pocket may not be happy returning to home-sweet-home. In order not to sadden the wallet, it is important to know how to visit Austria on a low budget.

austria travelFirst of all, the road to Austria may be cheaper than the usual. For example; from New York to Vienna, flight tickets are approximately $783-$900 for the business class.

After reaching the Travel destination, metros, buses and other intercommunication vehicles probably are cheaper than the car hiring for approximately $3, 99 per day. When traveling inside the many beautiful towns worth visiting, it is said that at least 75$-100$ is needed.

Avoiding traveling in the peak season might be able to offer you a cheaper option as restaurants and hotels are concerned.

The Alps have two peak seasons: in winter with skiing and summer with hiking. So it is important to choose the cheaper option by searching the websites of the hotels and vacation opportunities near the Alps.

The best cheaper way to travel to Alps is to fly to Vienna or Bratislava then take a bus from there for a journey of about 90 minutes.

alpsThe off season for Austria is between October and December called late autumn season and between January and March called the late winter. Because of the hard weather conditions, it is not preferred to travel at the off-season but it might be the cheaper way to consider.

With perfect mountains, natural reservations and green meadows, Austria offers a wide palette of activities for holiday seekers even with cheaper possibilities. It is important to match the spare time and the not very expensive conditions and visit as many beautiful sites as you can. Austria is really worth it.


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