SeattleMany times when people think about planning a vacation or trip with either family or friends they do not consider the Pacific Northwest.

That’s not to say people don’t ever consider the Pacific Northwest but usually places like the south, east and west are chosen for vacation destinations.

There are four places in the Pacific Northwest that are absolutely beautiful and breath taking destinations; Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria.

Portland has been described as a big city that doesn’t feel like one at all. Many past visitors of Portland have described it as a welcoming area that bends over backwards to make tourists feel welcome.

Portland is extremely diverse and accommodating to alternative lifestyles. There are vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as entertainment and organizations targeted toward gay and lesbians.

People who travel to Seattle usually travel to Seattle understanding the beauty and natural aspects of the Pacific Northwest. But many of these people tend to forget that Seattle is the corporate headquarters for huge Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing,, Starbucks and Microsoft. One of the beautiful aspects of Seattle is that it is at a rather isolated area of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is located on the Puget Sound and while Seattle is known for being rainy and turbulent it is also extremely beautiful, breathe taking and known for its natural beauty. While visiting Seattle you will notice there are mountains to one side and water to the other three sides. Additionally Seattle is a hub of music culture that goes mainstream years later.

As Canada’s third largest city, Vancouver is located just north of the American border on the pacific side. If you are looking for a vacation that will take you to a multi-cultural area bursting with ecommerce and a center of North American trade Vancouver will not disappoint. Winters are beautiful with snow-tipped mountains and perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Another choice for travel destination in the Pacific Northwest is Victoria, Canada. Victoria is full of history, architecture and activities. You could Travel to Seattle’s Puget Sound, and then take the Victoria Clipper to Victoria, Canada.

The Victoria Clipper will drop you off in Victoria’s inner harbor. While traveling to Victoria one of the must-see destinations is the beautiful Abkahzi Gardens. Abkahzi Gardens are beautifully groomed and breathe taking whether you are an amateur or serious gardener.


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