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things to consider while selecting a hotel

Top 8 Things to Consider While Selecting a Hotel

While planning for a break, you need to focus on the place where you are going to stay as the accommodation comfort is one of the major things that is needed while touring. Wrong choice of a hotel can ruin your holiday trip but if you choose a perfect abode away from home; you will […]

safe beach vacation

Top 5 Tips for a Safe Beach Vacation

While going to the beach can be fun, it could be also the place where you might be exposed to lot of hazards. Besides the very obvious hazard of drowning in the sea, the others hazards could range from getting the skin getting burnt to getting a sunstroke. You might even get stung by a […]


Corfu, Greece: Holidays in the Emerald Isle

Drenched in sunshine, dowsed in ancient Greek history and bursting with lively culture, Corfu in Greece is a perfect choice for this year’s relaxing break. Nicknamed the Emerald Isle, Corfu combines lush greenery with stunning turquoise bays and gorgeous beaches, so you can drink in the wondrous scenery while feasting on stuffed vine leaves and […]

essentials to pack on a trip with a toddler

12 Essentials to Pack on a Trip With a Toddler

If you are planning a trip with your little toddler, then you will need to be extra careful about several things.  A vacation or a trip with a toddler can prove very challenging if you are not properly equipped with all the essentials. To help you pack better, we have a list of 12 essential […]

elderly parents on a cruise

Points to Remember While Enjoying with Elderly Parents on a Cruise

Cruising have become a very popular means for extended families to connect as you get options to a host of enjoyment – be it gourmet dining or surfing or attending a Broadway-style show. A wide range of activities are being organized to accumulate people’s interest of all ages; thus you can now also take your […]

travel insurance benefits for senior citizens

Travel Insurance Benefits for Senior Citizens

Generally our entire life is spent working and taking care of kids’ education and then waiting for them to get married and settled. After all the important duties are disposed of, then it is time for us to take the break and go to the destination of our dreams. But, when you are travelling, make […]

mexico for medical tour

Top 8 Destinations For Medical Tourism

While most of us are busy packing for a summer vacation out somewhere where we can relax, some are headed to a foreign nation for medical care. It is a fact that every year about 7 million people travel overseas for various types of medical treatments from cancer cure, dental treatment or to get a […]

keep your kids happy and entertained during long car trips

Tips to Keep your Kids Happy and Entertained During Long Car Trips

While going on long trips by car, the journey might be filled with lovely scenic beauty and a lot of excitement, but if you are going out with your tiny ones in a car for a long time, then it becomes a challenging journey too. Keeping kids engaged during a long car journey is a […]

avoid hotel bed bugs

7 Amazing Tips to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

Before you start unpacking your stuff and luggageout in a hotel bedroom or in a guesthouse, make sure you avoid encountering the hotel bed bugs. Bedbugs are the most common problem faced by travelers and these little pesky critters can really make your hotel stay uncomfortable. Moreover, if they happen to follow you home, it […]


How to See the Maldives

The Maldives are home to 200 inhabited islands. Each island has its own character and flavor. What is the best way to see all of these unique islands? While it is impossible to get an in depth view of what they all have to offer, read on to learn about the many options there are […]