Top 11 Deserted Beaches Around the World

Just about everyone loves the beach. If you don’t, then you just haven’t truly experienced an amazing beach yet.

The bright sun, endless blue skies, the sand beneath your feet, a cool breeze and the most crystal clear water you’ve ever seen will be sure to win over your heart [Wonderful beach trips].

Here are some of the secret sands; to those who are looking for secluded beaches around the globe, where quiet coasts invite in-the-know sunbathers to savor their relative solitude.

Sure, some of these destinations are downright remote, and require off-the-path travel.

Here are the Top Secluded Beaches; for you to Enjoy!

Wildcat Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Wildcat Beach

Since you have to walk more than five miles to reach it, you won’t be fighting the crowds for a spot on this isolated stretch of sand 30 miles north of San Francisco.

In the evening, if you have remembered to get the necessary permit (this is a National Seashore, after all), build a fire at the tide line and toast your good fortune with marshmallows.

Cayo Costa, Florida

Cayo Costa

On a barrier island off Florida’s southern Gulf coast, it is reachable only by private boat or a small public ferry that charges $25 per person for day visitors.

Once you arrive, though, count on having at least some of its nine miles of soft white sand all to yourself.

Pink Beach, Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda

Pink Beach

Yachtsmen and day-trippers to Antigua’s sister island usually get no further than the beach at Low Bay, on the northwest coast of Barbuda.

Low Bay is pretty enough, and it’s a convenient starting point for a visit to what is one of the world’s largest frigate bird sanctuaries.

But the real beauty on the island is Pink Beach. Essentially one huge sandbar, this flamingo-hued swath extends eight miles from Palmetto Point towards Spanish Point, at the southern end.

Los Frailes, Ecuador

Los Frailes

Los Frailes is the image Ecuadorians hold up when they want to match their beaches against some of the most beautiful in South America.

Part of undeveloped Machalilla National Park, the beach is often deserted, especially during the Ecuadoran winter in June and July.

Majahuitas Cove, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Majahuitas Cove

The day-trippers from Puerto Vallarta know this palm tree–backed beach, accessible only by boat, in a little cove at the southern end of Banderas Bay.

Although not a high-energy kind of place, the cove is perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, and trying not to feel superior to the people who have to take the return boat.

Store Beach, Sydney, Australia

Store Beach

As implausible as it might seem, there is indeed a hidden beach almost within a boomerang’s throw of Sydney.

What’s kept Store Beach — part of the Sydney Harbour National Park — hidden is that a guardian rank of rocks makes it accessible only by boat.

Polihua Beach, Lanai, Hawaii

Polihua Beach

To reach this beach, head north from Lanai City on the jeep trail inappropriately called the Polihua Highway, passing the weirdly sculptured landscape of the Garden of the Gods.

If you are in an open vehicle, you’ll arrive looking like a sun-dried tomato.

Plage Blanche, Morocco

Plage Blanche, Morocco

Few beaches take more effort to get to than Plage Blanche, where the Sahara meets the sea.

Backed by rolling dunes, the beach is 25 miles long, and for now about the only thing you’ll see on it is an occasional fisherman, a couple of hard-core surfers.

Porat Beach, Bisevo, Croatia

Porat Beach

Most of the people who make it to Bisevo — usually on a half-day excursion from nearby Vis or one of the other islands off the Dalmatian Coast — are there to visit the Blue Cave.

If you are after the rare bit of European sand that is without umbrellas, though, head for Porat Beach, in a sandy cove tucked among limestone cliffs on the west side of the island.

Playa Medina, Venezuela

Playa Medina

This palm-fringed crescent of sand on the isolated Paria Peninsula is so pretty that Club Med once planned to build its first hotel in South America here.

What remains untouched is about as perfect a beach for chilling out as you could find anywhere. The water is clear and calm, the sand is gold, and not one of the few people you meet will be trying to interest you in a time-share.

Poles Bay, Kea, Greece

Island Of Kea

The island of Kea, with terraced hillsides and ancient, stone-paved walking paths, is a day trip from Athens. But because it is not on the main ferry routes, only a few foreigners and not that many more Greeks find their way to it.

Of those who do, just a handful discover the beach at Poles Bay on the southeast coast.



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  1. harrenga says:

    You forgot 120-mile beach outside of LaGrange, W. Aust

  2. Ab says:

    Ya, right. I’ve been to far more beautiful deserted beaches in my life. The author of this article doesn’t seem to realize Asia exists.

  3. Darren says:

    There’s a fantastic 5km long beech on Hinchinbrook Island in Queensland, Australia. Sure, you need a permit to cross to the island, and you have to pitch a tent when you get there, but the permit’s only $1 a day, and usually there’s only about 30 people on the island at any one time.

    Bring the beef and the beer, and the gas burner to fry it all up. Best week I’ve ever spent. Tales of crocodiles are seriously exaggerated.

  4. nazz says:

    not even close. There isn’t a decent beach in California at all. If you call those beaches, then you have no idea.

  5. Ernie G says:

    With the help of Google, I found that Cayo Costa is a Florida state park.

    Unfortunately, the website has the following message:

    Manager’s Message


  6. cd says:

    Ever heard of Indonesia?

  7. roger says:

    and how about some of the beautiful beaches of Antarctica?

  8. Zayna says:

    I agree with Ab – what about Asia? One of my favourites is off the coast of Thailand close to Myanmar..Koh Phayam. Best beaches I’ve ever seen!

  9. Pabba says:

    The author wasnt going for most beautiful but beaches that arent full of tourists near tourist locales. You can say asia is a tourist locale,but I am sure that europe and south america see way more tourist traffic in the beaches than asia. I am from asia and never really wanted to spend my time there on a beach, there are way better things to do.

  10. Andrew says:

    lol yeah Asia has pretty much all the best beaches.

  11. col says:

    to Ab: make your own topic then, jeez. this guy is doing his best to offer some nice beaches to us and the only thing you can do is saying ‘i’ve been too far more beautiful deserted beaches’… . People like you have only been to deserted beaches bacause noone wants to be in your neighbourhood i think…

    Anyway, I LOVE this topic and would be happy if i could reach only one of these. thanks a lot.

  12. Dirk says:

    Many Asian beaches are much better.

  13. col says:

    ps: sorry for the bad english

  14. mark says:

    Not sure how a beach with houses on it can count as “deserted”

  15. Tomás Bonilla says:

    There is Bay of Eagles in Dominican Republic, near the border with Haiti. Can only be reached by boat or 4WD ground transportation. about 5 miles of white sands, pelicans, tortoise shell turtles (at night), and not a soul.

  16. Dozens of these little coves in and around the keys.

  17. teachernz says:

    How about 90 mile beach in New Zealand?

  18. the equalizer says:

    “Ab – April 19th, 2008 at 11:09 pm
    Ya, right. I’ve been to far more beautiful deserted beaches in my life.”

    Congratulations, you win the “most pathetic blog comment in history” contest.

  19. John says:

    Western Mexico. Hundreds of kilometers of white, sandy nothing. Won’t say where, it wouldn’t be deserted anymore 🙂

  20. Robert Harrison says:

    Miches, Dominican Republic Miles and miles of confectionery sugar sand and no one around.

  21. eumaledictio says:

    Hey, I’ve been to two of these beaches, myself! I go to the first one at least a couple times each year. I can almost see the spot we made a bonfire last September in that first picture. We started it against the cliff as the tide came in. About fifteen minutes after the fire got going, the tide swept under it and took it out to sea. We all got plenty wet and quite cold.

  22. Funny you should mention the Plage Blanche (the White Beach) as it will soon be turned into a massive seaside resort starting from August this year. Hotels, leisure centres and even a golf course (although I don’t really know how they’ll manage that in the Guelmim region that suffers an acute water problem).

  23. teachernz says:

    What about 90 mile beach in New Zealand?

  24. Kevin says:

    Most Deserted? Yes. Most Beautiful? Hell No.

    There are far more beautiful deserted beaches around the world.

  25. mikelinpa says:

    Silly, how are you gonna check out the girls on a deserted beach?

  26. Voltara says:

    Seemed to be a lot of development and activity on some of those “deserted beaches”. And it was far from the definitive list. I doubt any of those would scrape into the top 100

  27. beachunter says:

    90 Mile beach in NZ is amazing. And so are all the other 100 secret little white gold beaches in NZ. It is almost too easy to go to a beach and not see another soul all day long. Best place in the world

  28. Tim Goodwin says:

    Sultanate of Oman flaunts the best beaches in the wor;d.. so deserted they arnt even listed…the whole country is one big coast line

  29. marklen says:

    Great list. FYI, Store Beach is actually called Reef Beach.

  30. Ken Leonard says:

    Check out the blazing white crescent beach at Treasure Cay in the Abacos, Bahamas. It’s NOT a tourist destination… only high end homes that are vacant most of the summer. One of National Geographic’s Top 10.
    Go there. Enjoy.

  31. momendes f. da silva says:

    for sure nobody knows the brasilian seashore.

  32. subtlytragic says:

    Since Cayo Costa is closed due to fire, how about this to take its place on your list? Don Pedro Island is located west of Cape Haze and is only accessible by boat. Latitude 26.8499, Longitude 82.3048

  33. @ momendes f. da silva:
    you’re right about Brazil. National Geographic Traveler magazine sent writer Stanley Stewart to find his favorite Brazilian beach in the March issue story called “The 5,000 Mile Beach” — not on our website but described here:

    NatGeo Traveler’s “Destinations Rated” featured islands this year, some of which have awesome beaches. Online here:

  34. Bee says:

    The beach at “Number 2” River near Freetown, Sierra Leone. Pure white sand, turquoise water.

  35. Alexander says:

    Turkey is moooooooooooooooore beatiful and amazing. I have visited Turkey 6 times.Still wanna go there right now.

  36. Travel Ann says:

    Antigua and Barbuda definitely have some of the nicest beaches I’ve ever seen…and most of them have very little tourist traffic.

  37. It’s truly amazing how many beautiful beaches there are that are totally empty – anything that lies outside a two-mile radius from a hotel seems like it’s empty. We will be taking off soon to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina (with ten-year-old twins!) and we’re sure to find lots and lots of those beautiful deserted beaches – that’s one of the best reasons to tour on bikes!!

  38. Pattaya says:

    Well, They are all great and really beautyful beaches. Like Thailand as well. Anyway I really enjoy the photos

  39. Point Reyes is one of my favorite beaches, perfect for watching sunsets.

  40. Maldives says:

    beautiful beaches , pitty that they are deserted.

  41. Lorena says:

    I wonder what you mean by “deserted” because I see buildings and people in a couple of pictures

  42. Phuket Thailand says:

    Great picture lol
    I am very exciting with this.

  43. aniaque says:

    one of beautiful beaches in the world island paradise boracay tropical beaches in asia…

  44. aniaque says:

    boracay island phillipines one of beautiful beaches in the tropical beaches in asia

  45. Thanks to this interesting list. I think the beach in Morocco is one of the most interesting ones.

  46. Charon says:

    Your site contain a many useful information. I look for a lot of this experience. Thanks!

  47. Dominican Republic says:

    awesome beaches. I’ve been exploring the beaches around the Dominican republic. Many are crowded but thee are some great secluded beaches here too.

  48. gearheart says:

    I especially like the deserted beaches with the houses on them.

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