Who doesn’t feel like going for a vacation with family or with friends? Once in a while, everyone needs to head out of the city or country to take a break from normal routine life and to spend time elsewhere.  But just because of the budget constraints, a lot of us curb our desire to travel.

The good news here is that even on a restricted budget, you can have a fun and enjoyable trip with your family or friends. The following are some of the tips to travel on a tight budget:

tips to travel on a tight budget1.      If you have decided on a certain sum of money that you will be willing to set apart for your trip, then the next step for you to do is to look for a place. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose a local or regional destination rather than thinking abroad.  Road trips or a trip to a nearby hill station too can turn out amazingly if you have good company.  Moreover, local trips will save you a huge sum of money.

2.      The next tip to travel well on a tight budget is to take care of how much you spend on food.  When you travel out, make sure you don’t opt for expensive restaurants or cafes.  Even mediocre restaurants or local eateries can fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds.

3.      The maximum part of your travel expenses are the hotel costs. Make sure you do proper research before booking a hotel and opt for a hotel that suits your budget.  Even the affordable hotels are neat, clean and offer several facilities for a comfortable stay.

4.      Another tip to travel on a tight budget is to opt for public transport like metros or buses rather than travelling by taxis or rental cards. Taxis are generally more expensive and can eat out a large portion of your traveling budget.

5.      Carry your own food and drinks if you are going on a trip by car rather than buying mineral water or snacks at every place you stop.

6.      Booking in advance can help you save a lot of your money. You can book air tickets, train tickets and even museum and adventure park tickets in advance and avail huge discounts.

7.      Another way to travel on a tight budget is to avoid going to ticketed attractions. There are many places where you do not need to pay for a visit and opting for these places is a wise decision.

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