North Americans love to barbecue as it’s definitely one of the most popular forms of cooking in both the USA and Canada. There are many barbecue-related contest and festivals held throughout the year, with one of the most popular of them being the annual Lexington Barbecue Festival which takes place in the wonderful American state of North Carolina and regularly draws over 100,000 visitors.

The event has become very well known as USA Today newspaper named is as one of the 10 greatest events to celebrate food, and Travel and Leisure Magazine named it among the top-10 food-related festivals in America.

The 2010 barbecue festival will take place on Oct. 23rd and this will be the 27th year the free event has taken place. The festival features a lot of other fun activities for the crowds to go along with the excellent food.

You’ll be able to witness pig races at the Hogway Speedway, a 50-ton pig sand sculpture, a chop shop, and the pig out party. The festival also has its own wine, known as “Fine Swine” which is made specifically for the event.

The downtown area of Lexington will feature scores of arts and crafts vendors, street performers, six entertainment stages, and three huge food tents where you can taste the famous pork that is cooked slowly over a bed of hot hickory barbecue coals.

Then city of Lexington is known as the barbecue capital of the world and features over 20 barbecue restaurants.

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