medicinesCarrying on from Part 1, here is what you should watch out for when traveling:

  • If for some reason some food disagrees with you or, somehow you happened to drink contaminated water then have Plan B ready: carry diarrhea medication and make sure that you drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself from getting dehydrated. Also carry heartburn medications.
  • Keep risky behavior to the minimum. It is always a bad idea to have unprotected sex; it is a particularly bad idea when you are traveling. Also try and avoid getting tattoos or receiving acupuncture; these involve needles and you don’t know the level of hygiene followed.
  • If it is a tropical destination that you are heading to, avoid swimming in fresh water. Also avoid walking barefoot. You don’t know what may bite or what you may step on.
  • Alcohol may well enliven an evening, but indulge in moderation. Also make sure that you don’t carry valuables along which may act as temptation and also be careful of the kind of transport that you use.
  • Be sensitive to the indigenous cultures that you visit; some places it is not polite to eat using both hands; in places certain outfits are inappropriate; at yet others showing of hair is inappropriate.

Source: chicagonow


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