Planning a trip is difficult, but ensuring a smooth trip through the airport can be even more so. As regulations continuously change, hand luggage regulations are hard to keep track of and certain countries have different rules from the others.

luggageHere is a breakdown of some of the rules that a person may need to be aware of.

First, many flights allow only one piece of hand luggage to be carried on the flight. So make sure not to bring several so that the grief and hassle can be avoided.

The hand luggage maximum size is 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm; however, double-check with the particular airline to be sure.

Medical equipment that is necessary can be brought in the hand luggage, but documentation from a doctor must be provided.

medical kitLiquids can be carried in the bag, but it cannot be more than 100ml and has to be in a clear bag that can be resealed.

The reason for this strictness is because certain things, like scissors which are not allowed, can be used as a weapon, and other things can be used to conceal weapons, so airports and countries want to minimize the likelihood of another 9/11 happening again.

Rules can also change, so make sure to ask the airport what their regulations are regarding hand luggage, so that packing[Luggage packing] can be planned accordingly.


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