In case you are going to travel on a budget and your destination is Asia, you really should consider this trip carefully. For many people Asia looks like an expensive country and lots of touristic companies are really trying to turn this trip into a bargain.

Traveling on the budget means you will have a limited budget. So you will have to research the place you are going to choose even before taking the trip. Asia is the largest continent, so divide it into three areas- the Indian Subcontinent, the Asia Pacific and the South East Asia.

You will be surprised by the differences you will see there. Many people avoid Japan in their trips, because it is very expensive and you cannot make it without blowing at least $100 per day. Laos on the other hand also isn’t the cheapest place in Asia, but you can limit yourself to $50 per day there.

The Southeast Asia is the right area for you, in case you don’t want to spend much, but you want to have some fun. The most popular region of Asia is perfect for traveling on a budget, not to mention that even the airlines are cheaper than in other parts of Asia.

Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and of course the popular Thailand are good destinations, where you can find good food, affordable prices and lots of attractions. Hotels are very cheap there and you can even find places, where the price for a single room is only $15.

The Indian Subcontinent is also very friendly for budget travelers. India and Nepal are two of the most popular countries with extremely affordable prices. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan are interesting to visit, but right now the prices in these countries are so low that can make you wonder about the quality of the service.

The Indian Subcontinent is famous, for there you can find all kind of prices for all kind of travelers; so consider this destination as a good one for a budget traveling.

The Asia Pacific is also a popular destination, but only for those with unlimited budgets. Places like China and Japan are extremely expensive and independent travelers are not very common.


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