londonHoliday spending can usually be quite an adventure and because many people spend beyond their budget, especially when planning a holiday trip this can become stressful.

There are destinations that will not bankrupt the wallet and here are a few of them.

  1. Nepal is a beautiful place and since the cost of living there is so low, the dollar will stretch further. Flights there are not that expensive either. Finding a place to stay and food are not pricey and there are also trips where a person can trek across Nepal.
  2. Mexico is also a great place to experience in the winter as many want to avoid the slush and snow. A person can relax on the beach alongside their family in peace and tranquility. Also, if living in the United States already, the trip there may not be as pricey because it can be driven.
  3. London is also an ideal place for the holidays and hotels offer packages for those who want a holiday getaway. There are Christmas markets that can be experienced in their entire rich, colorful splendor and various other events to keep a person busy and content.

Holiday vacation spots that are not that expensive are not easy to find, but here are a few places that won’t break a person’s budget.


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