Cyprus is a destination, which anyone who loves history and natural beauty should visit. In case you are asking yourself what exactly to visit in this sunny destination, you should consider a legend, which is labeled as one of the most beautiful; myths in the human history.

In Cyprus, there is one special place – the hills behind Petra tou Romiou is said to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.


The place is a gateway to the province of Paphos and it is extremely attractive spot for tourists from all around the world. Usually anyone who is visiting Greece simply goes to Cyprus to discover the myths and the legends of this outstanding Travel destination.

According the legend, Aphrodite is born from the sea waves and exactly there were built many temples, which praised the Greek Goddess of Beauty. Nowadays the place is full with museums and ancient ruins from temples and sanctuaries.

Another reason to visit Cyprus is their 3,000-year-old bathtubs, once used by king and queens. The history of Cyprus links together famous rulers such as Cleopatra and Caesar, Greek Gods and legends, but overall Cyprus stunning nature is also a must see in your journey.


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