“Glympse” let’s others glimpse at your whereabouts even when you can’t call in often. It is a free application for GPS enabled iPhones, Windows Mobile phones and Android.

This innovative application lets you send information regarding your location and movement over mobile phone data channels to share with anyone who can access a computer or a mobile phone with a browser. It shows your location on a map and also indicates traveling speed and estimated time of arrival if the destination is set.

The person receiving the information does not need the software. All they need is access to a web browser where they can visit the link sent to them via text message or e-mail. Glympse sends these emails to the receivers.

The software has an insignificant time lag of about one block from the actual location. It provides frequent position updates though the movement on the map is not too smooth. The application does not eat much into the battery charge but if you are planning to run it for a considerable time it would make sense to plug the phone in.

The application takes care of your privacy and security too. When the program is started you can choose who can track you and for how long. The maximum time is 4 hours but can be easily extended if you so wish.

Source: practicaltravelgear


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