Ski trips mean that you would be in such a situation during the travel that the basic necessities would not be available readily at hand. This is quite a common scenario in case of all adventure expeditions. Therefore, the packing needs to be done with wisdom and precision. When packing for the slopes, you must have a list in hand before you start the packing. You do have the option to buy items from resort shop, but there’s always paying for things and in case of damage, a fine too. They can even charge you $70 for a missing glove. Below given are some ski essentials from clothing to accessories that will help you to pack your bags for the ski trip just perfectly:

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  1. Gloves to protect your hands from cramps
  2. Heavy sweaters
  3. Long underwear
  4. Scarfs or neck warmers
  5. Snow boots
  6. Turtlenecks
  7. Warm hat
  8. Ski jackets that are waterproof
  9. Ski pants that are waterproof (opt for tightly woven polyester, nylon, or Thinsulate)
  10. Socks that are waterproof socks (opt for woollen socks that dry  moisture keeping feet dry and warm)


  1. Glasses and/or contact lenses
  2. Slippers
  3. Sunglasses


  1. Alarm clock
  2. Batteries for small electronics and cameras
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Electronics chargers that would be needed for camera, cell phone, laptop, video camera etc
  5. Hair dryer
  6. Headphones for watching in-flight movies
  7. iPod and iPod dock
  8. Poles
  9. Ski bag
  10. Ski boots
  11. Ski goggles
  12. Ski lock
  13. Skis
  14. Video camera

Health and Beauty Items:

  1. Antibacterial wipes
  2. Body lotion
  3. Comb and brush
  4. Contact lens solution, if needed
  5. Deodorant
  6. Face cleanser
  7. First aid kit should be having all the basic medical needs like anti gas tablets, antidiarrheal medicine, antacid, bandages, non-aspirin pain reliever, antihistamine for allergies, candied ginger for motion sickness, mild laxative, and a non breakable thermometer.
  8. Floss
  9. Select a lip balm with SPF 15
  10. Moisturizer
  11. Items needed for your personal hygiene
  12. Prescriptions
  13. Razors
  14. Shampoo and a conditioning agent
  15. Shaving gel
  16. Soap
  17. Sunscreen (pack at least one all-purpose sunscreen with SPF 15)
  18. Toothbrush
  19. Toothpaste


  1. Addresses of friends and family for postcards
  2. Carry healthy snacks like a box of dry fruits, chewy granola bars, pretzels, homemade chips, mini bagels, and biscuits
  3. Maps that would help you in navigation
  4. Money (carry both ATM cards and cash; also the traveller’s checks)
  5. Printouts of reservations
  6. Photograph of what you are carrying; it would be helpful if they get lost
  7. Travel journal
  8. Blanket and travel pillow and blanket
  9. Ziploc bags

These are all the important items that you need to have in your luggage before leaving your home for the ski trips. If you have a history of poor packing, then this checklist is definitely made for you.



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