List of things that you should not carry on your vacation

1. Skip the toiletries

Either skip the set completely or carry a few essentials. Please don’t carry an entire salon with you even though you might feel tempted to. Skip the hair curler and fancy straighteners for the trip. If you have an extravagant facial regime, then skip that too. It is foolish to carry a set of beauty products enough for a small army while traveling. Carry a few essentials like a face wash, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen, deodorant and a couple of items more. You will survive and look just as pretty in the hundred selfies that you will take.

Things to Carry & Not to carry on Your First Abroad Vacation

2. Miss out on the costly jewelry

Tourists are always targeted by robbers, pickpockets and bandits. Skip the “millionaire style icon” and look for your safety. Don’t pack your diamonds and platinum jewelry while setting out on a world tour. It will also set you apart from the rest and won’t leave you any room for bargaining for products.

3. Sheets and Towels

If you are not going on a camping tour across the globe, then refrain from packing in bed sheets, blankets and towels. The hotels or holiday homes and rentals will amply provide you with these.

4. Uncomfortable fashion shoes

Wear the most comfortable boots on your vacation. Don’t pack your stilettos and high-heeled sandals. You might not have to trudge through muddy lanes and alleys, but you might have to walk through miles. Grab a pair of sexy, black boots with minimum heel height to make you look and feel gorgeous and comfortable.

List of things that you should carry to your vacation

1. First Aid Kit

This is of extreme essentiality. Make sure that you pack a first aid kit that contains an ample supply of Band-Aids, crepe bandage, antiseptic ointment, a few common medicines like antacid, pain-killers, medicines for a headache, nausea, allergic reactions, sprays for pain-relief etc. Carry a mosquito repellant too. If you are on a prescribed set of medicines, then carry them too in ample quantities.

2. Gadgets and accessories

A universal device power bank charger, a SIM card enabled to make international calls, a few pen-drives with scanned and verified copies of all your identity proof documents, a couple of SD cards are of absolute necessity. Carry more than a few phones; just in case one goes dead, the other is there for backup. Do not forget to carry your favorite DSLR camera along with you.

3. Protection against rough weather

Don’t expect the weather to be mild and breezy. Pack the essentials to stay prepared against rain and too much Sun. Do your homework on the weather and pack enough clothing depending on it. Apart from clothes, carry your sunglasses, sun blocker lotion, hat, umbrella and a raincoat. However, go easy on it. Do not pack in a thick coat, because in summer you won’t need it no matter what.

4. Currency and Cards

Even if you have decided on a fixed budget, it is still a wise choice to keep an emergency fund of currencies just in case something unplanned comes up. Carry all your credit and debit cards as they are more convenient to conduct transactions across the globe, rather than in cash.


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