Packing is often a problem, especially when your bag is small and you can’t figure how exactly to take anything you need. We are offering you few advices how to pack smartly.

Try bundle wrapping of your clothes, which is a compact way to pack smart and ergonomic. Use a small bag for the smaller clothing items like underwear, socks or swim suits.

travel packingMake sure your bag is following certain order and always pack the zipped coats and the jackets on the bottom layer of your bag.

The buttoned skirts, as well as long-sleeved skirts should lie on the top of the jackets.

The skirts and T-shirts should be on the top of them. Pants, sweaters and skirts are the next to pack.

Place the pouch in the center of the stack and wrap the items around. Don’t stretch; try to pull tightly in order to avoid wrinkles. Place the bundle in your bag; secure it with straps so to provide stability during your trip.


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