In-flight entertainment is finally coming of age. Gogo Inflight Internet are preparing to launch a video entertainment service, which can be taken advantage of by laptop, mobile and tablet users during a flight offering the service.

Gogo Inflight Internet is currently offering broadband, Wi-Fi Internet facilities on about 700 planes across six airlines. American, United, Delta, Virgin America AirTran and Air Canada provide these services to their passengers.

You can easily check and send emails, track your flight, send and receive instant messages, get hold of the latest news…just about everything you can do from the office.

The video services will let you enjoy hundreds of movies and television programs in flight. You will be able to enjoy movies as soon as they are released on DVD. In case you can’t finish watching the movie in-flight, you can do so, within 24 hours as the movie will be saved on your hard drive. Television programs will be bought outright and can be watched without a time limit.

These services will be made available for windows machine, but will soon be available for Macs and mobile phones. This will change the face of the in-flight entertainment completely. These services will be made available at a slightly larger fee compared to the prices on land.


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